The £4.99 item which is a game-changer when travelling with young kids
The £4.99 item which is a game-changer when travelling with young kids

A £4.99 has been praised for being a genius item to pack when going on holiday.

Frequent traveller Jeff Stahluht revealed the items he always packs when going away.


A dad has revealed why a nightlight is something he always packs when going on holidays[/caption]

One of the items was a nightlight that plugs into EU sockets – making it ideal when staying at hotels in Europe.

Not only does it mean you can go to the bathroom without turning on the main light, but it is ideal for younger kids who want to sleep with a light on.

He wrote: “The first time it ever even crossed my mind to pack my own nightlight was when we had some family visiting from out of town.

“I mentioned to them a hall light they could leave on, only to be told that they had actually packed their own nightlights.

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“What a novel concept!

“No longer do you need to worry about leaving a light on in the bathroom of a hotel, hoping it’s dim enough to not keep you up but bright enough to keep you from cracking your leg into a dresser.”

Some start for as little as £4.99 on eBay, or standard UK plug nightlights on Amazon for £4.99 as well.

More than 13,000 people have rated one on Amazon five stars.

One person said: “Took it on holiday with me as there were no bedside lights (who doesn’t have bedside lights?) and it was a godsend!”

Another said it was “absolutely perfect,” adding: “We take ours away on holidays as you never know how dark the accomodation will be and if you need to get up in the night for a loo break it saves disturbing partner.”

A third simply said: “It’s brilliant for when we go on holiday.”

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And a £20 item promises to transform your holidays with going away with young ones.


The item will easily fit in your hand luggage too[/caption]