Man slammed by girlfriend for taking ‘terrible’ photos of her on holiday but everyone is saying the same thing
Man slammed by girlfriend for taking ‘terrible’ photos of her on holiday but everyone is saying the same thing

A MAN said he has been slammed by his girlfriend for always taking ‘terrible’ pictures of her on holiday.

He admitted that he even though he works in the creative industry, he was bad with cameras and “didn’t understand” angles or photography.

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A man asked if he was in the wrong after being slammed by his girlfriend for taking bad pictures of her on holiday (stock image)[/caption]

However, during a recent trip she tried to show him how to take good pictures – only for her to slam him for still not doing it right.

He explained on Reddit: “She sat me down and taught me what her process is in taking photos.

“She showed me how she works the phone camera and taught me how the lighting can affect the subject.

“Later I asked her if we could practice taking photos and she agreed.

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“I’ve tried telling her to change her pose around, I did different angles, I tried fixing the lighting but all the photos were TERRIBLE to her.

“She got very upset and told me that she’s never had anyone in her life take worse photos of her than I do, that even her mom could do better.”

She added that his photos made her feel “so ugly” and “lower her self-esteem every time”.

He said he left the room crying, but apologised to her anyway.

She ended it by saying he could never take photos of her again so he asked if he was the bad guy in the situation – but everyone on Reddit backed him.

One person wrote: “It’s unintentional. It’s unfortunate for her, but she has to accept it. She also has the right to be upset to an extent.”

Another said: “At this stage I think it’s more likely she’s just chronically critical of her appearance and wants to externalise it onto you.”

People shared their own stories with their partners having the same problem too.

One woman wrote: “My partner takes the absolute worst pictures of me. He makes me look like a damn hobbit.

“But it’s not his job to be my personal photographer, and I think it’s nice that he thinks I look nice even when I don’t.”

A second said: “My husband is like that too. I’m kinda disappointed but what can I do.”

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Most people said it wasn’t his fault – but understood why she was upset (stock image)[/caption]