• Prose is a hair-care brand that creates custom products based on your hair type.
  • Customers take a quiz about their hair, lifestyle, and more, and Prose formulates products based on the answers.
  • One editor tested the products for herself and is sharing her experience.

Attention to detail is everything. It’s at the core of Prose’s Custom Hair Care ($53) system and the reason why I have silky-soft, bouncy mermaid waves right now.

Prose is more than just a brand that sells hair products. In truth, it’s all about making hair care as customizable as possible. After taking an online quiz with questions about your hair, lifestyle, location, and much more, Prose creates a fully custom routine made specifically for your hair type. You can rate the products you receive, and Prose will actually take your feedback into consideration before it sends the next batch of products your way.

The very first question of the extensive survey on the brand’s website is, “What is the texture of your natural hair when you let it air dry?” and the answer choices go beyond fine, medium, or coarse. It has graphics – a set of five images that illustrate different waves and curl types. The questionnaire also doesn’t just take into account your hairstyling habits, but everything that makes up your lifestyle. It asks you about your diet (with a choice to select “unrestricted”), what kind of exercises you like to do (I selected “outdoor workouts”), and your zip code (which the brand uses to figure out what “environmental aggressors” might affect your hair).

When actually getting into the nitty gritty of customizing my hair care, I was able to pick whether or not my products had gluten in it, along with my preferences on it being vegan and having silicone. Plus, I was able to choose my fragrance, Elixir – a blend of floral notes and vanilla.

When the box finally arrived, my shampoo and conditioner were labeled with some of the specifications I’d made on my survey, like my love for exercise (the words “Fitness-Lover” were written on it) and my zip code. I tested the shampoo and conditioner that evening and was delighted that the Elixir fragrance didn’t smell like flowers, but instead, it smelled exactly like the mineral sunscreen I’d used as a kid. I was surprised to feel how lightweight the formulas were, as my medium-coarse curls usually require more emollient formulas. The shampoo exploded into an airy lather and slipped out of my hair when I rinsed. The conditioner slid down each of my strands with ease.

When I hopped out of the shower, I let my hair air dry, and the results were astonishing. It was incredibly soft and smooth, the way it would feel after a salon-mixed conditioning treatment. My waves had a bounce to them that they typically don’t have, and it was so shiny.

The entire system will run you $53, and while that may be more than you would normally spend on your hair, as Jennifer Lopez once said: love don’t cost a thing.