• Getting a fun Thanksgiving manicure with festive nail art allows you to express yourself.
  • Treating yourself to a manicure is a great self-care activity around the stressful holidays.
  • Whether you go to the nail salon or do it yourself, there are plenty of new Thanksgiving nail-art trends to try.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for surrounding yourself with friends and family, eating a delicious meal, and finally rewatching all those festive “Friends” episodes, all while reflecting on what you’ve been thankful for this year. Some may be grateful for those delicious dishes that come with the holiday season or the time taken to slow down and treat yourself to much-needed pampering. It may sound corny, but one of the things we’re most grateful for is our ability to express ourselves with nail art. The time we set aside to get a new manicure, especially around the holidays like for Thanksgiving, is the ultimate self-care task.

In anticipation of all the holiday hubbub, take a moment for yourself and get painting – or book an appointment at the salon if that’s more your speed – to achieve the Thanksgiving nails that will be the eye-candy of the dinner table. From adorable, hand-painted turkeys to festive twists on french manicures, if you need some holiday manicure inspiration, we’ve found 22 fun nail ideas for you to try before Thanksgiving Day.