The game-changing shorts and socks that stop blisters and chafing while on holiday
The game-changing shorts and socks that stop blisters and chafing while on holiday

HIKING is one of my favourite travel activities, but on countless occasions, I’ve been left with both blistered feet and chafed thighs from my treks.

However, on a recent hiking excursion in Jordan, I took some gear with me that meant neither were a concern.

Ryan Gray

I wore the socks and shorts while climbing over cliffs in the Wadi Rum Valley in Jordan[/caption]

When I was told about Runderwear’s anti-blister socks and anti-chafe boxer shorts, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical.

I’ve tried products to limit the damage before on hikes, but was never able to fully eliminate the discomfort.

But I was pleasantly surprised with Runderwear’s products, which did exactly as they promised.

As their name suggests, the products are initially designed to aid runners, but they more than held their own in lengthy and difficult hiking conditions.

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The socks have double-layered technical fabric to prevent rubbing and blisters[/caption]

The socks in particular were a resounding success, with their double-layered technical fabric able to reduce the rubbing that often leads to blisters.

The footwear comes with reinforced heels and toes to boost protection in those vulnerable spots, which more than stood up to the test I put them through.

I wore both the socks and boxer shorts while hiking sections of the Jordan trail, climbing over cliffs in the Wadi Rum valley and on a 25 mile trek through the Wadi Al Hasa canyon.

Though they spent most of the canyon trek submerged in water, the socks more than lived up to their billing, as I emerged blister-free.


The boxers are lightweight, wick away sweat and prevent chafing[/caption]

Ryan Gray

The socks and shorts kept me comfortable while hiking through canyons in 35C heat[/caption]

They start from £15 a pair online, or three pairs from £36, and are more than worth the money for anyone planning to do any amount of hiking or trekking.

Meanwhile the long-running boxer shorts that I tried were equally as useful.

The length of the lightweight and breathable shorts prevent chafing, while also wicking away sweat.

I wore them in 35C heat, so really put them to the test, yet they more than stood up to the challenge and were able to keep me as comfortable as it’s possible to be while hiking and climbing in scorching temperatures.

They are available for £25 a pair, or three for £60.

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The socks and shorts were a resounding success after a long day hiking[/caption]