CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – On Tuesday, Oct. 4, Northwest High School hosted the first-ever Montgomery County Best on Best Wrestling Showcase.

The event was created to showcase wrestling in Montgomery County and to create interest in upcoming student athletes, according to Northwest Wrestling Coach Christopher Bedell.

Bedell made it clear that the showcase was not a TSSAA event nor was it an event where schools competed against each other; Rather, the best individual wrestlers from Montgomery County went head-to-head to decide who was the best.

The matchups were decided by Clarksville area wrestling coaches.

The coaches put together 30 matches, which included 3 middle school matches, 12 high school girl’s matches and 15 high school boy’s matches:


Matchup Winner
Miyon Alkuberry vs. Jack Levendusky Alkuberry
Cam Snyder vs. Sam Manhallon Snyder
Ruger Pennington vs. Donovan Cox Pennington
Shyanne Michalski vs. Ava Teasley Michalski
Gracie Tuberville vs. Abby Bess Tuberville
Katelynn Miller vs. Alisha Renken Miller
Anna Jenks vs. Mariana Bowen Bowen
Evelyn Ochoa vs. Najette Mojica-Soto Ochoa
Kelsey Mize vs. Ty Bryant Bryant
Dalila Bouldin vs. Genesis Gilmore Gilmore
Lily Avalos vs. Lily Peters Peters
Alexis Mize vs. Ireland Laurin Mize
Katelynn McMillon vs. Cearyona O’Conner McMillon
Aurda Buckley vs. Zahara Williams Williams
Riley Kee vs. Addy Bess Bess
Sincere Puryear vs. Nick Collins Collins
Ethan Avila vs. Lucas Lundrum Avila
Cyrus Sanders vs. Chris Scroth Scroth
Garrett Furnace vs. Zach Taylor Furnace
Reese Levendusky vs. Spencer Potter Levendusky
Cade Steiner vs. Max Landrum Landrum
Sean Johnson vs. Adrian Moore Johnson
Kellen Corkrean vs. Davin Mayfield Corkrean
Mason Fierge vs. Ethan Cunningham Cunningham
Breon White vs. Dorian Higgins White
Ryan Babuscio vs. Mateo Pardo Babuscio
Kynan Kreidal vs. Devin Otero Otero
Freddie Ellis vs. Standford Thompson Ellis
Thomas Shipstead vs. Josh Ward Ward
Joseph Raleigh vs. Oscar Escobedo Raleigh


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