A baseball with MLB logo is seen at Citizens Bank Park before a game between the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies on June 28, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)


With spring training officially underway, we can finally say that baseball is back.

And in less than a month, we will have the World Baseball Classic to watch.

The action begins in early March, and several MLB stars will be leaving spring training early to join their respective WBC teams.

And so, it can be an odd time for certain players, as well as their teams.

Adjustments must be made and things must be done differently in order to adapt to the changes.

Former GM Steve Phillips stopped by MLB Network to discuss what adjustments players and teams have to make during an event such as this and gave a GM’s perspective on what it’s like.

Phillips gave a rather interesting take on the matter, acknowledging that the World Baseball Classic is good for the sport and the growth of the game and that it is fun to see stars from around the world compete in the tournament.

However, he stated that he wouldn’t be a fan of seeing his own players suit up for the Classic.

Phillips said that he would allow players to do it if they so wished, however.

But he continued by saying that when key players aren’t present, it can be tough to build chemistry and create a sense of camaraderie among teammates, and once again made his stance on the matter clear, that he would prefer to have as many players as possible in spring training in order for the team to grow.

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