Brits warned they could be asked to pay extra for holidays even if they’ve already paid in full
Brits warned they could be asked to pay extra for holidays even if they’ve already paid in full

BRITS who have already paid for their holidays in full could be forced to shell out even more money, it has been warned.

Due to the fall in the pound against currencies such as the euro and the dollar, families could be asked to pay extra for their flights and breaks.


You could be forced to pay more for your holiday – even if you’d paid it all off already[/caption]

Paying for a holiday in full in advance can help families lock in a cheap deal.

However, package holiday providers can still ask for more money even if it is paid in full.

According to the Independent, under the Package Travel Regulations 2018, operators can ask for additional payment as long as it is at least 20 days before the trip.

This can be for a number of reasons, such as fuel going up in price, or new fees in place at airports or destinations.

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There is no restriction on how much they can ask for – however it is usually no more than eight per cent as any higher and you are entitled to a full refund.

The ABTA website explains: “The surcharge occurs when the cost of a package holiday goes up after you booked because of currency fluctuations (the euro growing stronger against the pound, for instance), rising fuel costs (for flights and cruises) and taxes.

“Even if you’ve already paid for your holiday, your tour operator may ask you to pay a surcharge between when you book and when you travel, of up to an extra 8 per cent of the holiday cost.”

This means you could be asked for an extra £80 if you paid £1,000 for your holiday.

Even airlines can ask for additional payment too.

The easyJet website states: “In the unlikely event that the government tax increases after you have made a booking, we may require you to pay the excess to enable you to fly.”

However, they also add that you can get a refund if you don’t want to pay the excess.

If you are yet to book your package holiday we’ve found some of the best deals.

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TUI has 2023 holidays from £69pp a night, with zero deposit fees while On The Beach has 2023 breaks from £198 as well as free airport fast track.

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Package holidays can only charge a percentage extra, or offer your money back[/caption]