Gangs of London is a British-action drama series which is very famous and has two seasons. Its first season was aired in the year 2020, while the second season has been released this year (2022) in November. It is directed by Gareth Evans who is very famous for directing crime-themed movies. The story of this series revolves around three main characters.

The three main characters of this t.v series are Joe Cole, Sean Wallace and Sope Dirisu.

All these three actors are known for their phenomenal acting skills. They have done various characters in different movies, and proved to be one of the best actors of Hollywood.

There are also a number of guest appearances in both the series. 

In today’s blog, we will discuss multiple ways to wear gangs of London outfits which are inspired by both the seasons of gangs of London. These jackets are very famous among people these days as the second season of this series has just been aired in November 2022. Those people, who want to look appealing, we recommend buying the following outfits.
Excited to know everything about it? Alright then let’s jump into it!

  1. Joe Cole Black Leather Jacket
Gangs of London Joe Cole Black Leather Jacket

The first jacket we are going to talk about is Joe Cole Black Leather Jacket. This jacket is inspired by Joe Cole who is a character in this drama (As mentioned above). But, before start discussing about the styling of this jacket, let us have a look at some of its details to help you understand how it looks. This will help you to have an idea of how this jacket actually looks.

Joe Cole Black Leather Jacket comes with black color with external material of genuine leather. It has zipper closure on its front part and has beautiful texture on the shoulders and arms part. The outer material of this jacket is a little shiny which adds more beauty to this jacket. It also has zippers on its sleeves giving it a stylish and outstanding look! Whereas, it also has buckles on the bottom of both the sides of this jacket making it look classy.

Now, lets talk about in how many ways you can wear this jacket.

Styling Idea

Thinking about what combination you can make to wear this jacket? Well you don’t need to worry about that, because that is why we are here for. We will guide you how you can look appealing in this jacket.

The best combination you can make with this jacket is to wear it on a pair of black jeans. This combination surely will give you an outstanding look. If you want to add another thing to your look, you can wear a wide black wrist watch with it to amuse everyone.

  1. Joe Cole Black Wool Coat
Gangs of London Joe Cole Black Wool Coat1

Joe Cole Black Wool Coat is also inspired by Joe Cole, the character of this drama “Gangs of London”. This coat gives its users a decent but appealing look. So for those people, who want a decent but attractive appearance, this styling is for them. But first, here, will take a look at some of this jacket’s details:

As mentioned in its name, the Joe Cole Black Wool, the coat’s material is made up of wool with Viscose Lining inside. The collar type of this coat is “erect style” giving you a classy look. Whereas, it comes with three external pockets. Joe Cole Black Wool Coat makes its users look appealing and sexy! So if you want to look attractive to girls, this styling is the best way you can grab the attention of girls out there!

Styling Idea

You can wear this magnificent coat along with white office shirt inside. It will drive girls crazy about you because this coat makes your personality attractive. And it’s assured that this combination will give you a ravishing look! Also, there is another option to dress up nicely, and that is, a black dress pant. A black dress pant will go just perfect with this coat. And if you pick office-style shoes to wear with them, this will just be a perfect look! Another thing you can add to your look to give it a perfect finish is to wear a tie, this will give it a vintage look.

  1. Sope Dirisu Black Leather Jacket
Gangs of London Sope Dirisu Black Leather Jacket

Sope Dirisu Black Leather Jacket is inspired by Sope Dirisu who is a fictional character of drama “Gangs of London”. This is a complete manly jacket which comes with dark green color making you feel dominant. The collar type of this ravishing jacket is stand-up style. This amazing jacket comes with six pockets, and all of them are flap pockets. Whereas, four of them are on the outside (two on the top and two on the bottom each side) and two inside. Its sleeves come with buttoned cuffs. Now, let’s talk about the styling ideas of this jacket:

Styling idea

Sope Dirisu Black Leather Jacket can be worn with a pair of black cotton pants. Don’t forget to wear big black boots to give yourself a perfect look. Additionally, you can also wear white t-shirt inside. It will give you a nice finish.
And last, but not the least, don’t forget to put black shades to make you look make your look perfect.

While, a dark blue pair of cotton pants is another good option to choose. 

So these were some of the amazing ideas to try with these jackets and coat which will make you look appealing and dominant!

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