• Fall means the return of chunky sweaters and new makeup trends.
  • Looks this year include neon bright eyeliner and ’90s-grunge dark lipstick.
  • A makeup artist is sharing the four biggest makeup looks for fall 2022, plus how to get them.

Here’s something you might be surprised to hear, considering 2022 feels like it just started three days ago: fall is right around the corner. The best part of the season, in our opinion, is all of the new makeup trends that emerge as the weather starts to cool down.

The makeup looks that will be everywhere this year are not the quintessential matte skin and muted tones you’ve seen in seasons past. Instead, you can expect eye-catching plays on color, new takes on dewy skin, grungy dark lip colors like black and deep purple, and more.

As hard as it may be to put away your shorts and flip-flops, it’s time to brush up on your makeup skills with trends that will have you looking forward to September. You won’t even mind having to bundle up in layers again – they’re that good. Ahead, we asked Melissa Collazo, makeup artist and Omnia brush beauty coach, to break down the four fall makeup trends that should be on your radar – plus the products to help you get the looks at home.