Rev Dr Richard Waugh at the Howick Coastguard premises at Howick Beach during the 175 picnic. Times photo Wayne Martin

Howick and districts 175th anniversary highlight events have been a great success.

The community luncheon was a full house, with a wonderful cross section of the community gathered and a festive atmosphere.

Then the highlight weekend. At Waipaparoa/Howick Beach the community picnic had it all – the tide was in, the sun was out, a sea breeze, so many families and children having fun, many water activities, and delicious food.

Informative speeches were about the history of the beach and the Fencible families’ arrival.

Later, the Fencible families’ plaque was unveiled at Fencible Walk Park in the centre of Howick. The ambience was set by the Howick Brass Band and a good crowd in attendance.

Simeon Brown MP and Christopher Luxon MP unveiled the plaque – do visit at 110 Picton Street and read the important wording and see the nearby new wall mosaic.

Many people then visited All Saints and the iconic historic church built for the Fencible families in 1847.

The civic service acknowledged the faith and aspirations of the early pioneers and all they contributed to the community we know and love today. Wonderful music and young people’s participation was another highlight.

Then to top it off a successful live day at Howick Historical Village reminding us of just how precious the resource of the village is to all our citizens, and to wider Auckland.

Thank you to 175 Trustees Morrin Cooper MBE, Jim Donald and Alan La Roche MBE. It was Jim who helped begin the 175 planning initiative back in 2016.

Thank you to 175 Committee members Philippa McGimpsey (Secretary), Marin Burgess (Heritage Leader), Katie Treneman (Treasurer) and John Russell, Jim Donald, Reay Neben and Adele White.

We gratefully acknowledge and thank all our sponsors and supporters (please read the long list in this feature), especially recording our appreciation for the significant financial support from the Howick Local Board and the leadership of former chair Adele White.

So much work has been done by many volunteers including our willing 175 ambassadors representing a diversity of cultural groups.

For me, one of the key highlights was the work done to encourage many of our younger people to have a better understanding of Howick and districts history.

School projects and artwork was a thrill to see, especially the wonderful creative 175 drawings.

There has been a ‘dawning consciousness” from so many of our east Auckland community about the important settler history of our area. As someone said, “I had no real idea just how unique our Howick history is.”

Yes, the new plaque in Fencible Walk will last for generations.

What is even more important is the impression the 175th anniversary year is making on our children and young people’s lives now – and how they are much better informed about our history to take with them into the future.

  • Rev Dr Richard Waugh is chair of the Howick 175 Committee

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