Nominations are now open for the 2023 Queensland Reconciliation Awards

The 2023 Queensland Reconciliation Awards are now open for nominations, and individuals and groups who are making a significant impact in the reconciliation process in Queensland, Australia, are encouraged to apply. 

The Queensland Reconciliation Awards are an annual event that recognises and celebrates individuals, organisations, and groups making significant contributions to the reconciliation process in Queensland, Australia.  

This award comes with a prize of $30,000 in total prize money that is distributed across all categories. Since its inception in 2003, the Queensland Reconciliation Awards has recognised more than 100 different initiatives and partnerships, promoting a more inclusive and fair society in Queensland. There are five different categories in which individuals, organisations, and groups can be nominated for recognition. These categories include:

  1. Business: This category recognizes businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to reconciliation through their policies, practices, and partnerships. This can include initiatives such as Indigenous employment and procurement, cultural awareness training for staff, and community engagement.
  2. Community: This category honours community groups and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to reconciliation through their programs, activities, and advocacy. This can include initiatives such as cultural heritage conservation, language revival, and community development.
  3. Education: This category recognizes educational institutions that have made significant efforts to promote reconciliation through curriculum development, teaching and learning resources, and community engagement.
  4. Health and Wellbeing: This category honours individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the health and well-being of Indigenous communities through their programs, services, and research.
  5. Partnership: This category recognizes partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, groups, or individuals who have made significant reconciliation contributions. This can include initiatives such as joint projects, shared decision-making, and cultural exchange programs.

In all these categories, the initiatives have to be delivered by organizations operating in Queensland, Australia. Nominations for the 2023 Queensland Reconciliation Awards close at 5 pm on Friday, February 3rd, 2023. 

Baidam Solutions was recognized for its commitment to reconciliation and awarded the Business Award at the 2022 Queensland Reconciliation Awards. With the funding they received from the award, they invested in their technical capabilities to better serve Indigenous individuals and communities in Queensland by providing supportive pathways.

The Queensland Reconciliation Awards also include an overall Premier’s Reconciliation Award, which is presented to a nominated initiative that has made an exceptional contribution to reconciliation in the state. 

How to apply

To nominate for the 2023 Queensland Reconciliation Awards, you can submit a nomination for a reconciliation initiative delivered by a business, community organization, educational institution, or partnership in Queensland. To do this, you must complete an online nomination form that includes written responses to certain questions, provide two references, and some promotional material.

The nomination form should be completed here, and the nominee’s executive officer must endorse the nomination. Only one award category can be nominated per initiative, and the nomination must be made with the organization’s consent.

The nomination must also include the contact details of a point of contact authorized to provide further information to the Awards Coordinator or judging panel if required.

Rugby league legend and community hero Johnathan Thurston renews his almost decade-long commitment to the Queensland Reconciliation Awards, returning as Ambassador in  2023. 

“Queensland is on a journey of reconciliation together. It is important that we get behind initiatives that continue to build respectful relationships between Aboriginal peoples, Torres  Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Queenslanders,” he said.  

“By nominating for these Awards, you are not only showcasing your important work and  receiving the requisite recognition, but you are showing all of Queensland how far we have  come and where we are headed — towards a more inclusive, respectful and unified state.” 

For more information or to submit an online nomination, visit here.

For Guidelines, click here.

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