New York ranked 3rd best state to become a doctor

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — According to a new report by, a sports betting information website, New York is the third best state to become a doctor. Specifically, the website found the odds of becoming a professional physician, an orthopedic surgeon, and the chances of graduating medical school in each state.

The report said that New York was the sixth-easiest state to graduate from medical school in 2021, but has the 30th best odds when it comes to becoming an orthopedic surgeon. Overall, New York ranked third best with moneyline odds of +14,800.

Ranking State Odds of becoming a doctor
1 Massachusetts +13,500
2 Rhode Island +14,000
3 New York +14,800
4 Connecticut +15,900
5 Maryland +16,900
6 Pennsylvania +17,400
7 Michigan +17,500
8 Ohio +18,700
9 Vermont +19,200
10 Illinois +20,100

Methodology analyzed medical statistics, which showed the number of physicians, surgeons and medical graduates across each state in the United States. The data was then divided by the population and created into moneyline odds to reveal the best states to become a doctor.