AAA: Texas has lowest gas prices in US, down 24% since June 15

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Gas prices in Texas are the lowest in the country, according to AAA.  

According to AAA, Americans are paying an average of $4.059 a gallon for regular gas as of Monday. That is 95.7 cents or 19.08% lower than the record of $5.016 a gallon set on June 14.

Texans are paying an average of $3.557 a gallon for regular. That is $1.138 or 24.24% lower than the $4.695 record set on June 15.

The second-lowest state is South Carolina with $3.591. Californians are paying the highest of any state at $5.446.

Drivers in the Austin and San Marcos areas are paying an average of $3.594. That is $1.106 or 23.53% below the $4.70 record set on June 14.

AAA said falling prices at the pump are partly due the fall in the price of a barrel of oil.

According to CNBC, West Texas Intermediate Crude was at $88.37 a barrel in early morning trading just after 5 a.m. Central Time Monday. It opened at $93.75 one week before on Monday, Aug. 1. That is a decline of 5.74%.

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