Woman slams ‘manspreading’ passenger during long-haul flight – and everyone is saying the same thing
Woman slams ‘manspreading’ passenger during long-haul flight – and everyone is saying the same thing

A WOMAN has slammed a passenger for manspreading during a long-haul flight and taking up the space that she had paid for.

With plane seats getting increasingly small, it’s difficult for passengers to remain comfortable, especially during longer journeys.


The woman said she wanted to sleep on the plane but was unable to due to the man next to her spreading out (stock image)[/caption]

However, a passenger slammed the man on her flight who claimed he needed extra room, despite not paying for it.

Midway through a 30-hour journey the female passenger had to ask the large man sitting next to her to stop spreading into her space.

She took to social media site Reddit to ask if she had acted unreasonably, writing: “I’m halfway through a 30-hour trip.

“I was exhausted and was looking forward to sleeping on the first leg since it was nighttime. I’m an average-sized woman.

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“The passenger next to me was a big man in his 30s – not the Rock big, but plane seats are increasingly small and probably not big enough for him to be comfortable.

“The plane takes off and suddenly I feel a push on my legs – the man is manspreading bad and taking over my space.

“I politely ask him to keep on his side and fall asleep. An hour later it’s his leg and his arm that’s occupying some of my seat.

“I tell him again I know it’s uncomfortable for him but I paid for my seat and if he wanted more space he should have booked a seat with more leg space.

“He then tells me he feels no need to buy another one since ‘other passengers understand that he’s too big to fit and let him spread a little bit’.

“At this point I tell him that the extra money he didn’t spend on a bigger seat he’s taking it from me by using my space and put my back pack between our two legs – effectively preventing him from manspreading.

“I felt a little bad but I really didn’t want to feel his leg pressing against mine for the entire flight.”

Unsurprisingly the man found little support in the comments section, with everyone standing up for the woman.

One user wrote: “You were so polite during this, he was a jerk.

Another added: ” It’s crazy that you had to put up a barricade to prevent some clueless jerk from invading your personal space.

“He’s acting like he’s entitled to it and you’re the nut for not giving him what he wants. Unbelievable.”

The man was even unable to gain support from people of a similar stature to himself, with one man saying he needed to be more considerate in the future.

He said: “6’5 male here, athletic build. As a larger person, one should know that you are responsible for your size.

“ALWAYS either reserve an aisle seat to spread out into or an exit row seat in advance. This guy is a pretentious jerk.”

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The woman refused to let the man spread out even though he explained why he didn’t pay for extra legroom[/caption]