Video: Boy caught stealing packages from Ventura County homes

Police are searching for a young thief who was caught on camera stealing packages from Ventura County homes on Thursday.

The child is seen snatching the packages in broad daylight before running away and hopping into a getaway car. He was caught on security cameras by two different residences in the Oak Park neighborhood.

The thieves were likely trailing delivery vans as they dropped off packages, striking immediately after a package is left at the front door.

Both videos show the boy wearing a light-colored hoodie, running up and snatching a package before quickly dashing to a getaway car driven by an accomplice.

The boy was likely aided by an adult who was driving the getaway vehicle. Video also captures the boy hopping into two different vehicles during the heists.

Homeowners in the neighborhood say it’s disgraceful that something like this is happening in their community.

Those who recognize the boy or the getaway cars are asked to contact the police immediately.