Top 9 NFT and Crypto Airdrops For September 2022

Airdrops are one of the best marketing methods for cryptocurrency startups to promote their projects. There are different ways to do it, but it essentially involves sending free tokens to crypto users’ wallets in exchange for promotional work.

One of the most successful airdrops in crypto history was DFINITY, a Swiss nonprofit blockchain company that airdropped $35 million worth of DFN tokens, between $500 – $2500 worth of DFN to users who signed up to protocol’s mailing list before April 4th, 2018.

The best NFT and Crypto Giveaways in September

We have compiled September’s top airdrops across the crypto world, including giveaways from DeFi, gaming, and NFTs projects with long-term potential value.

1.    MAD Metaverse – Largest Play-to-Earn Airdrop to Date

MAD Metaverse is preparing the largest NFT airdrop for this September 2022, a giveaway of $10 million of the game’s native currency, $BIOMETA, and 10,200 MAD Metacells NFTs.



MAD Metaverse is a gamified DeFi ecosystem where you can enhance the performance, rarity and value of your NFTs. Users will be able to create living digital organisms, evolve NFTs, fight against other players, and collect $BIOMETA, the most precious resource in the MAD Metaverse.

The game focuses on the concept of Evolving NFTs, presenting players with three playable NFTs: MAD Metascientists, MAD Metacells, and MAD Nanocells. These are self-aware organisms whose attributes and artwork can evolve over time in response to gameplay and therefore increase in value. It also features 3 Play&Earn Environments where you’ll be able to earn crypto and NFTs: The Lab, NanoWars & MAD Metaverse.

There will only be 10,200 MAD Metascientists accessible to users, and those who own 1 of them will have significant advantages over those who don´t. Additionally, those who mint a Metascientist will get 1 Metacell as a bonus as soon as The Lab is released. Users must register to the MAD Whitelist at to participate. These will give them access to:

  1. MAD Metascientists Mint (30th November)
  2. MAD Metacell Free Mint (30th September)
  3. $10 million worth of $BIOMETA giveaway
  4. Access to exclusive channels in the MAD Discord
  5. Information about future mints, airdrops, and whitelist spots from collabs.

2.    Tamadoge – $100k Airdrop

$TAMA is not the typical memecoin to pump and dump —it has a certain degree of utility in the Tamadoge ecosystem, which consists of a metaverse, an NFT marketplace, and a play-to-earn game. The project is calling the attention of the crypto community, particularly memecoin enthusiasts, naturally, and has managed to raise over $13 million so far.

The Tamadoge team is giving away $100,000 worth of $TAMA. The winner must hold at least the equivalent of $100 of $TAMA on the day of the draw.

Users must complete the tasks in order to be eligible:

  1. Go to Tamadoge’s airdrop page.
  2. Enter your wallet address.
  3. Follow Tamadoge on Twitter.
  4. Tweet about the project and tag Elon Musk.
  5. Join Tamadoge’s official Discord Channel.
  6. Refer friends for extra entries.
  7. Follow Tamadoge on Instagram.
  8. Visit Tamadoge on Youtube.

3.    My NFT Wars

My NFT Wars is an upcoming, World-of-Warcraft-inspired Play-to-Earn RPG game developed by Play2Earn Ltd, a new joint venture with Blockchain Cuties Universe and iLogos Game Studios, which have an extensive record of award-winning projects in the P2E industry.

My NFT Wars and Blockchain Cuties Universe are giving away exclusive NFTs with whitelist spots to celebrate their partnership. The airdrop starts with 25 NFT cuties and 20 WL spots for My NFT Wars IDO (Initial Dex Offering).

The airdrop ends on September 14. To participate, users must go to the game’s airdrop page, follow both companies on their social media channels, refer friends to earn entries, and tweet about the airdrop. The top 5 participants will receive 5 Nouble NFT Cuties, while the top 20 will receive 20 standard NFT cuties.

4.    inSHAPE – Earn Crypto While Exercising

inSHAPE is launching an airdrop ahead of the app’s Beta release in October. The giveaway consists of $14,600 worth of NFTs and SHAPE tokens for users who complete social tasks.


inSHAPE is a blockchain-based app that rewards users with SHAPE tokens for working out. The difference that separates inSHAPE from other Move-to-Earn apps is that they reward users for performing different exercises and sports, not just running or walking. The app is free to use, and its utility token has use cases beyond the blockchain world.

To participate, users must sign up on the official airdrop page, connect their BEP20 wallet and complete the tasks to earn entries. They can also earn more entries if they refer to someone else. It goes as follows:

  1. The app will pick 20 random participants who will be lucky enough to win 1,000 SHAPE ($2,000) tokens each.
  2. The top 3 users with the most entries will receive 1 NFT inSHAPE Wild Card All Sports VIP Edition.
  3. Each inSHAPE NFT has three levels of rarity: VIP Edition Common, VIP Edition Uncommon, and VIP Edition Rare. The rarer, the better the benefits for the owners.
  4. The app will display winners on the giveaway page at the end of the airdrop. All awards will be distributed to users via BEP20 wallets.

5.    fan C Token – Watch to Earn

fan C Token (fanC) is a watch-to-earn platform designed for users of the short-term content platform CELEBe. It provides an NFT marketplace under the concept of creator economy, in which users can earn crypto by looking at videos, images, or listening to audio files and more from their favorite content creators. These files are NFTs that users can create, buy and sell to their viewers.

The platform announced on August 26 an airdrop of $76,000 worth of FANC tokens that will be distributed to 3,270 random winners. Users must visit the fanC airdrop page to participate and complete the tasks. Winners will be announced on September 30 on their official Twitter channel.

6.    Cornerstone – One Coin to Rule Them All

Cornerstone (Corn DAO) is a blockchain platform that offers Metagovernance —a mechanism in which one token is used in the DAO governance of multiple DeFi protocols.

Cornerstone allows $CORN holders to participate in the governance protocol of multiple decentralized apps across gaming, web3, NFTs, DeFi, and more. NEAR Protocol,, and Aurora are some blockchain projects that use Cornerstone to manage their assets and maximize capital efficiency.

Cornerstone is giving away 10,000 CORN tokens to users who participate in the Cornerstone community activities. The airdrop will end on September 19, with the winners and rewards arrangements announced on the same date. To join, users must follow a few simple steps:

  1. Head over to the platform’s official Discord server.
  2. Add corn emojis to their Discord profile names.
  3. Interact with the community and stay active on the server for 15 days during the airdrop campaign
  4. Get to know the three types of community activities within the Cornerstone Discord Community Campaign.

7.    MAXX Finance

MAXX Finance is a high yield-generating protocol built on the Polygon Network. It allows users to stake $MAXX tokens to earn a long-term and sustainable yield.

The protocol is airdropping $5000 in $MATIC to 100 entrants each time they reach +10,000 subscribers, and 200 million MAXX tokens will be shared by 200 entrants who join before the Liquidity amplifier launch.

Participating is quite straightforward: go to the MAXX Finance Giveaway page, enter your email and full name, and complete all tasks. The airdrop ends on September 22.

8.    Archimedes Finance

Archimedes Finance is an open-source protocol for lending and borrowing crypto assets using its native stablecoin, IvUSD, as collateral. As part of the protocol’s upcoming launch, the giveaway consists of 10,000 OAT NFTs and 3 whitelist spots. And how to participate?

  1. Go to the Archimedes Finance’s Airdrop page.
  2. Register using your Google, Apple, or Facebook account
  3. Follow Archimedes Finance on Twitter,
  4. Tweet about the protocol and retweet their posts.
  5. Complete all required tasks.

9.    Breathe NFTs – 3D Pixel Avatars

Breathe is an NFT gaming project in which users can create and customize 3D avatars and perform different activities, such as buying and selling in-game items, renting plots of land, interacting with other players in its upcoming Metaverse, and more.

The Breathe team is giving away 5555 Breathe NFTs in Ethereum, of which 50 are free to mint. Each NFT will mint for 0.2 ETH during the presale and 0.23 ETH in the public sale. The mint date starts on September 15 on their official website.


The whitelist can be found at Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden. To participate, users must have at least 0.05 ETH in their ETH wallet and be on the Breathe NFTs Discord servers.

Closing Thoughts

Here we reviewed some of the hottest airdrops for September 2022.

Airdrops are extremely popular now in the crypto industry, becoming the best method for crypto startups to involve investors in their projects. They are not exclusive to crypto, though, since most airdrops started as a way for companies to hand out free products to gauge consumer engagement and raise product awareness.

It’s the same with crypto, except that companies are replaced by DeFi protocols and free products with free tokens.


Image by David Mark from Pixabay