Top 6 Beauty Sets for Holiday Gifting

When it comes to holiday gifting, I’m not going to offer you a bazillion different options.

That’s because I don’t truly believe in a bazillion products, especially when it comes to beauty. My favorite way to gift beauty items for the holiday is with a nice gift set. Below you’ll find a few of my all time favorites and reasons why and who they’d be great for!

Jo Malone
For the Elevated Classic

Jo Malone is a perfect choice for the person in your life who appreciates simple, yet classic style. Wood Sage and Sea Salt is hands down my favorite scent by Jo Malone. This would be perfect for your mom or family friend who you don’t know what to get.


A Natural Beauty

Osea is my favorite vegan skincare line. I love gifting sets for skincare because it gives the person an opportunity to test things out before they invest in the full sizes. I think this would be perfect for your friend who is into vegan products. Also great for a younger cousin or sister.


Westman Atelier

Westman Atelier is having a major moment and I know why. Their products are definitely my favorite right now. You will see them all over social media and if you have a friend that’s in to all of the latest beauty trends, this is the perfect gift for her.


La Mer
Ooh La Mer

You can never go wrong with a little La Mer gift set. I first received this gift about 6 years ago and it was one of my favorites. I love this gift for a special auntie in your life.


Care About Hair

We all have that friend who has picture perfect hair. I honestly envy them! This is a great gift for those of us who are itching to take better care of our hair.


Damsel in Dior

For the gals who love a good lip, this one is for her. Dior makes the best lipsticks and I love this as a gift idea for a close friend who loves to get dolled up.