Top 10 Wearable Fall 2022 Fashion Trends

Hi ladies! It’s time to look ahead and see what’s trending for fall 2022, and you know I get giddy when looking at trends. There are a lot of trends to share, but I picked the Top 10 Wearable Fall 2022 Fashion Trends.

These are the trends that I like and think women over 40 can wear and feel confident in. I skipped the mini skirts, corset belts, and patchwork pants.

As with any trend, you need to consider your lifestyle, personal style, and body type. Nothing says you have to wear any trends, but if you like to wear a few trendy pieces, pick the ones you love and have fun!

Top 10 Wearable Fall 2022 Fashion Trends

1. Dopamine Dressing • When I first heard this term a few months ago, I had to look it up, but it’s basically wearing bright colors, and they are trending for fall. These are non-fall colors, and really, any bright color is in. You can color block them or pair a fall color with them but look for some bright colors this fall.

2. Leather & Faux Leather • Leather has been trending for a couple of seasons, and I think it will still be around this year. There are leather skirts, leggings, blazers, coats, etc.


3. Tank Tops • Tank Tops are having a moment this season. It doesn’t mean you have to wear it by itself but think under blazers and cardigans, and they also look great with wider jeans and trousers.


4. Flare Denim • Straight and boot-cut jeans are still on trend, but flares seem to be really trending for fall. Also, I’ve noticed side slits in a lot of jeans, so we’ll see if that takes off this fall and winter.

5. Bomber Jackets • They’re slightly more oversized this year, but these are going to be on trend for fall.

6. Maxi Dresses and Skirts • I’m seeing lots of maxi dresses and skirts, and they’re more streamlined for the fall season.

7. Corporate Styling • Think matching jacket and trousers. You can wear classic pieces together or mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe.

8. Boot TrendsWestern Style Boots and Chunky Style Boots are showing up for fall. My favorite is the western-style boots; they look cute with dresses and denim.

9. Black, Caramel, And Cream Colors • I know black is a classic, but it seems to be trending this fall, especially an all black outfit. I also see a lot of caramel and cream colors. This dress I purchased during the Nordstrom sale is a perfect example.

10. Sporty Fashion • Dresses and skirts with sneakers, varsity jackets, and tracksuits are all popular for fall.


What do you think about this year’s fall trends?

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