There’s a Museum of Sex Objects opening in London next month

Pervy pop-up exhibition the Museum of Sex Objects is popping up again this September, this time bringing its collection of items that ‘tell the stories of sexual heroes, moments, and places’ to The Horse Hospital in Russell Square. Still helmed by ‘The Keeper’, curator Deborah Sim, the collection presents a potted history of sex, covering 2,000 years of gender, identity and sexuality.

It’s not all sex toys and knob drawings (though there’s plenty of that too). Instead, it is a more political look at the history of sexuality. There’s a cup made by Wedgwood potters in 1967 to commemorate the passing of the Sexual Offences Act, envelopes said to once contain blackmail letters, a badge dedicated to Oscar Wilde, and a sixteenth-century plate covered in images of women transforming into geese, flanked by vulvas. 

‘The Keeper’ will be doing daily tours throughout the exhibition’s run, taking viewers through the history of everything from eighteenth century Molly Houses to cottaging in the public toilets of the twentieth century. Sounds fun. 

The Museum of Sex Objects is at The Horse Hospital, Sep 3-29. Free. Some events ticketed.

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