The best dive bar in western Massachusetts, according to Yelp

(WWLP) – If you are looking to take a break at a local bar without the fancier cocktails in a low-key atmosphere, Yelp released its list of top dive bars in every state.

22News narrowed the list to the top 10 best dive bars in western Massachusetts, according to Yelp:

  1. Moe’s Tavern: 10 Railroad St. in Lee
  2. Ye Ol’ Watering Hole: 287 Pleasant St. in Northampton
  3. Listons Bar & Restaurant: 324 Old North Rd Rte 143 in Worthington
  4. Victoria Bar: 4 Chapman St. in Greenfield
  5. Gin Mill: 3095 Main St. in Palmer
  6. Cim’s Tavern: 429 Fenn St. in Pittsfield
  7. The Moan & Dove: 460 West St. in Amherst
  8. Key West Lounge: 159 State St. in North Adams
  9. The Spoke: 34 E Pleasant St. in Amherst
  10. Collins Tavern: 997 Westfield St. in West Springfield

One important note: Dive bars, as defined by Yelp, are “typically well-worn bars that offer an inexpensive, simple selection of drinks and are often considered ‘hole-in-the-walls,’” a spokesperson for Yelp tells Nexstar. The operators of these establishments can self-identify themselves as “dive bars” on their own Yelp accounts — at which point Yelp’s moderators will conduct a review to ensure the bar meets their criteria — or Yelp’s own users can submit suggestions to the moderators if they feel a specific bar should be recategorized as a dive.