Image Source: Getty / Jeremy Moeller

  • “Targaryen blond” is a new hair-color trend.
  • The color is defined by the white, icy hue notably worn by the Targaryen family in the hit show “House of the Dragon.”
  • Ahead, a hairstylist breaks down everything to know about the popular color.

If you’ve been in the mood for a dramatic new hair color but haven’t yet decided which route to take, we’ve got just the hue for you. “Targaryen blond,” a new hair-color trend sweeping both social media and red carpets, is the shade you’re going to see everywhere this winter. Just last month, Megan Fox posted a photo showcasing herself wearing the color, captioning the post, “A slutty but studious Targaryen goes to Paris,” and it’s only taken off since then.

“Targaryen blond,” which has been worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and, most recently, Ariana Grande, is icy blond hair at its finest, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Curious to learn more? Below, we asked a professional to answer all of our questions about the popular color, like how to achieve the bright hue, how to keep the color vibrant at home, and more.

What Is Targaryen-Blond Hair Color?

The popular shade gets its name from the hit HBO show “House of the Dragon” and references the recognizable frosty blond hair color that the family are known for. Jamie Mazzei, the creative director for NuBest Salon and Spa in Manhasset, NY, tells POPSUGAR, “Targaryen blond is a very pale, almost white hair color.”

If you’ve already been considering ways in which to become an honorary member of the Targaryen family, you should know that achieving the signature hair color isn’t something that should be attempted at home and instead will require a trip to the salon. Achieving the right shade will look different for everyone, depending on your natural base color. Like going platinum, those with naturally lighter hair will have an easier time, while those with darker hair may need to be a bit more patient and space out the bleaching process.

“To ask your colorist for this, ask for all-over platinum blond and a toner,” Mazzei says. He adds that your colorist will most likely recommend you transition to the color in a few visits, rather than just one, in order to maintain the health of your hair during the lightening process. He also warns that if you have very dark hair (think jet black), you might want to reconsider and instead opt for a different blond hue. “It might compromise the health of your hair too much to achieve that level of blond.”

How to Care For Targaryen-Blond Hair at Home

This color isn’t for those who get antsy sitting in a salon chair for hours on end, as upkeep does require frequent trips to see a professional. “Since this color is so light, you will need to retouch your roots every four to six weeks,” Mazzei says. He adds that your colorist may advise you to avoid excessive heat styling, which means before giving this shade a try, you should consider how you like to wear your hair on an everyday basis.

Something else to keep in mind is that the maintenance doesn’t end at the salon – you’ll also need to take special steps to take care of your hair at home. “With Targaryen blond, at-home maintenance is very important,” Mazzei says, adding, “You’re going to want to gloss in between color appointments to keep the yellow out of your hair.” He recommends using the Celeb Luxury Conditioner in Flawless Diamond ($35), which deposits a semipermanent dye. It also has a built-in bond rebuilder, which he says will help repair any bonds that were broken during the initial lightening process.

Mazzei also recommends using a thermal heat protectant before using any type of hot tool; we love the Drybar Hot Toddy Heat Protectant Mist ($29). Also, using a toning shampoo like the Redken Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo ($24) at least once a week will help maintain your hair’s frosted state.

Targaryen-Blond Hair-Color Inspiration

If you’re ready to book your salon appointment, as always, it’s important to arrive with inspiration photos in hand. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite iterations of the look, which you can bring with you to show your colorist.