If you’ve ever had the misfortune to break a bottle of perfume, you know how dire it can be. Not only have you ruined a relatively expensive beauty purchase, but your signature scent is suddenly nauseatingly potent as it saturates everything in its wake. While you google how to rid your home of the overpowering smell, you curse the gorgeous yet fragile bottle that housed your favorite fragrance. Then you wonder why you hadn’t discovered solid perfumes sooner.

Sprays, rollerballs and even body washes tend to steal the fragrance limelight. But solid perfumes have been around for centuries. It’s thought that the ancient Egyptians complemented their kohl-rimmed eyes with solid perfume. In modern times, solid scents have gained cult popularity thanks to their clever and portable formulas.

Crucially, solid perfumes can withstand klutzy maneuvers because they are made out of a combination of waxes and oils that are hardened in containers. So even if the compact does break, it’s still possible to salvage the perfume. The spill-proof design means that the solid fragrance can be stashed in purses, carry-ons or even pockets for on-the-go touch-ups. Plus, it’s TSA-approved.

Dabbing on a waxy scent may initially seem strange, but you’ll find it’s the perfect alternative to spraying on perfume. What’s more, the solid formula often has more staying power than spray-and-they’re-gone eau de toilettes. And solid perfumes are buildable so they’re a fantastic base for fragrance cocktailing.

Ready to give solid perfumes a try? Read on for some of our favorites to try now.

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