Several Oklahoma City Starbucks employees go on strike Sunday morning

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – If you tried to get your morning coffee at the Starbucks on 23rd and Robinson in Oklahoma City Sunday morning, you may have noticed several employees on strike.

Sunday morning an Oklahoma City Starbucks joined in on the final day of a planned strike as union fights within the company continue.  

Organizers KFOR spoke with Sunday said they are fed up and taking a stand against several issues.  

“We are striking today because Starbucks has continued to close union stores. They are short staffed, cutting hours, and they are denying union stores credit card tipping. And so those are just three of the many reasons we’re out here striking,” said Alisha Humphrey, Starbucks worker. 

Sunday’s walkout was the second major strike in a month by Starbucks workers across the country, but it was the first time for the coffeehouse chain location at 23rd and Robinson.  

“We’re just using our legal right as workers to strike today and just, you know, show Starbucks that union busting is not acceptable,” said Humphrey.  

Several other employees from other Starbucks locations around the area joined in as well.  

“I’m from the 63rd and Grand store, and we’re coming out here to support the striking workers at 23rd and Robinson,” said Humphrey.  

“It is so important. It is amazing that all of our unionized stores in this area are able to band together and come support each other,” said Lea Cole, Starbucks worker. 

The 23rd and Robinson location was the first Starbucks to unionize in Oklahoma back in June.

“It’s so important because the more people we have, the more power we have to act together collectively,” said Humphrey.  

The employees are reminding customers of some of the challenges they face each day.  

“Think about the people who are making your coffee and the stress and the overload and the short staffing and all of that that they’re dealing with. And, you know, we’re all workers and just supporting people who are standing up for their rights is just super important,” said Humphrey.  

Union leaders said store managers were inside serving customers who crossed the picket line to order. 

A strike relief fund has been set up for OKC workers participating in the walkout to help cover their lost wages.