OSBI investigators revisit home of missing 4-year-old in Cyril Sunday

CYRIL, Okla. (KFOR) – The search continues for missing 4-year-old Athena Brownfield who disappeared from Cyril earlier this week. Sunday morning, authorities revisited a site they’ve searched before. 

When you walk through the city of Cyril, you see flyers posted. One reads “Athena was last seen wearing a butterfly hoodie and pink pants.” Another has a more detailed description of where she was last seen. Community members are hoping signs like this will help bring her home. 

A neighbor told KFOR he saw an OSBI car in front of Athena’s home Sunday morning. That’s where Athena was living when she disappeared.   

“I saw the vehicle over there. But I didn’t pay attention, I was on my way to church,” said Randy Ellis, Athena’s neighbor.  

The home is also the home of the older sister, Adina, who walked out of and approached the postal worker on Tuesday which sparked the investigation into Athena’s disappearance.    

This is now the second time we know of investigators being at the home. 

OSBI obtained a search warrant for the home, and it was searched Wednesday morning.   

Then Thursday night a white SUV was towed from out front of the home, likely to be checked for evidence.  

Also Thursday, an arrest was made. Alysa Adams was allegedly one of Athena’s caregivers at the time of her disappearance. Adams was arrested on two complaints of child neglect. 

On Friday, there was another arrest. This time Adams husband, Ivon Adams, who was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant for ‘Pending’ Murder in the First Degree and Child Neglect. 

The search continued into Saturday when police officials confirmed they continued the search in bodies of water. 

KFOR brought you that live coverage Saturday afternoon where crews were conducting pond searches in Southern Grady County.   

Also Saturday night, there was a candlelight vigil held in front of Cyril City Hall, where the community gathered to pray for the safe return home of the missing girl.   

There, vigil organizers were pushing the community to keep searching for Athena.  

“We’d just like everybody to continue to pray and to believe that she is alive. We’ve seen a lot of misinformation spread at this time on the Internet, and that’s detrimental to finding her… And we absolutely do not want to miss a chance to be able to bring this sweet baby home,” said Jamie Hood, vigil organizer. 

Community members are still hurting. KFOR went to Athena’s home Sunday and saw people set candles on Athena’s front porch after Saturday night’s candlelight vigil.   

KFOR is on top of this developing story and will keep you updated with the very latest.