Oklahoma City residents in the area during Saturday night's Bricktown shooting say they heard seven gunshots

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Police are investigating a shooting in Bricktown that sent two people to the hospital. This happened around 10 p.m. Saturday night near Wanda Jackson Way and Reno Avenue. Police say a group of people got into an argument which led to shots fired. 

KFOR spoke with one couple who told us they were in the area when it happened and heard seven shots. 

“I didn’t have time to process the gunshots. I saw one guy with a police officer with an AR 15 running down the street. And then I saw about five cop cars pull up just right there in that area. And that one police car blocked the road a little bit down the way and just kind of isolated the scene,” said Jesse Chesnut.

Jesse and Katie Chesnut told KFOR police arrested two boys who looked like minors. 

“They directly put him straight in the police car. The other kid, I didn’t see him go actually in the police car. I just saw them bring him over to question him…They handcuffed both of them,” said Chesnut.  

The couple said police responded to the scene within 30 seconds and arrested the two in under a minute.  

“They killed it. They had it. They had the whole at least on our side where we were, they had it locked down in, I would say less than a minute, probably because they were already down there. So as soon as they heard it, they just started the cars, blocked off the street, lights going,” said Katie Chesnut, in the area during the shooting.  

“There was an ambulance. Maybe within 2 minutes. I saw the ambulance pull up,” said Chesnut.  

The Chesnuts told KFOR Bricktown was extremely busy at this point as several were leaving the Luke Combs concert that had just ended at the Paycom Center.  

“It was just right as the concert got out. So, there were people pouring out and walking right through the scene, like having to walk through it to get back to their cars from the concert. And so, it was just kind of chaotic,” said Chesnut. 

So far there is no suspect information yet. Officials are still investigating. 

Bricktown Police told KFOR they will have more information Monday morning.