Oklahoma City Police release body cam footage of officer involved shooting which leaves suspect dead

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Police have released graphic body cam footage of an officer involved shooting which left the suspect dead.  

It all started when police were called to a home in Southwest Oklahoma City regarding a man threatening people with a knife earlier this month. He had stabbed a random person in the area. 

When officers arrived on scene, they were confronted by a man in front of the residence wielding a knife. Shortly after, things took a turn.  

Police arrived on scene asking the suspect, Sergio Gruver, several times to put down the knife. 

“Three officers arrived on scene together and confronted the armed suspect, who immediately began walking toward them. The officers gave verbal commands to drop the knife, which he refused and continued to approach the officers and citizens who were both outside and inside the vehicle,” said Captain Valerie Littlejohn, Oklahoma City Police, media relations office.  

Two officers tried to create distance as another officer went around to the side of the armed man between two vehicles to use his taser.  

“The officer deployed his Taser twice, which had no effect on the suspect,” said Littlejohn.  

After they tazed him for a second time, the suspect aggressively turned with the knife and began going towards the officer with the taser while also trying to rip away the tasing wires.  

“The two officers discharged their firearms when they saw the suspect aggressively turned and advanced toward the other officer,” said Littlejohn.  

Officers immediately started performing lifesaving efforts and he was transported to an area hospital where he died from injuries.  

It was later learned that prior to officers’ arrival, the suspect stabbed someone randomly near the residence.  

Further, he tried to attack his family members with the knife while they were inside of a locked car. responding officers pulled up to the scene. 

“The armed man was trying to stab through a car window which was occupied, and the people inside had locked the doors prior to the officer’s arrival,” said Littlejohn.  

None of the officers were injured and the victim who was stabbed was treated and released from an area hospital.  

The two officers who fired their guns were placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.  

Police said the investigation is still in its early stages.