Officials call for federal assault weapons ban after St. Louis shooting

WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Following the shooting in St. Louis that left one teacher, one student, and the gunman dead, President Biden is renewing his calls for a federal assault weapons ban.

Congresswoman Cori Bush and other St. Louis officials say they are heartbroken and angry after Monday’s school shooting.

“Every person in this country knows deep down that our schools are targets,” she said.

“That’s what happens when the people with the power to take guns off our streets and protect children refuse to do something,” St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones added.

In a tweet Tuesday, Biden called for a federal assault weapons ban. Bush is also pushing for that ban and called on Republican lawmakers to help combat the gun violence crisis.

“And if it means stepping away from the dollars you receive, you need to do so,” Bush said.

In July, the U.S. House passed a federal assault weapons ban similar to the ban in the 90s, but it’s unlikely the Senate will take any action before the current Congressional session ends in January.

On Monday, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee said in a tweet that “Mass shooters continue to use assault weapons because they are engineered to kill as many people as possible.”

House Judiciary Republicans responded by saying “Democrats want to take your guns. And they’re not hiding it anymore.”

Authorities are still investigating how the St. Louis shooter got the AR-15 and more than 600 rounds of ammunition.

Police say mental health concerns led them to take a gun from him and give it to a family member. Now authorities say that could be the same weapon used in the shooting.