NFL playoffs impact on local business

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Patriots missed the playoffs this year, but football draws a lot of interest no matter what.

Many local sports bars and restaurants saw an increase in business with both the AFC and NFC championship games on this evening. Football is popular and with this being the final round of playoffs leading up to the big game, sports bars and restaurants locally and across the country look toward the games for a boost in customers. 22News spoke to a new restaurant in West Springfield about how they have fared while the NFL games were on.

Dana Gahres, the Owner of Westside Bar and Grill said, “Football for restaurants kinda affects the dinner crowd and if you’re a sports bar people come to watch a game, but we got lucky tonight and had a full crowd so that’s alright.”

Today we saw the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs advance to the big game that will take place in two weeks.