Marshawn Lynch accidentally drops F-bomb during Cal football broadcast

(KRON) — Whoops. Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch accidentally dropped an F-bomb during the ESPN broadcast of the Cal versus Washington football game Saturday night.

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Lynch, who played football at UC Berkeley from 2004-2006, immediately acknowledged his mistake when he inadvertently cursed on national television. He used another swear word later in the clip but wasn’t as remorseful as the f-bomb he dropped seconds earlier.

“I’m from the Bay Area,” Lynch said. When I look around in the stands, and I see that these m***********s. Ooh. I mean these stands how they were when we were here. That s**t kind of got me…”

At one point around 9 p.m. Saturday, Lynch was the second subject trending on Twitter. The clip of Lynch swearing has over 450,000 views after it was posted 30 minutes earlier.

This isn’t the first time Lynch said an NSFW word on a national telecast. A year ago, Lynch said “s—” during the ESPN2 broadcast of Monday Night Football between his former team Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints.