Man makes child cry at Disney World after blocking her view of fireworks – but people are on HIS side
Man makes child cry at Disney World after blocking her view of fireworks – but people are on HIS side

A MAN has asked if he was in the wrong after he “made a girl cry” after he blocked her view during a trip to Disney World with his partner.

The man, from the UK, explained that he and his now-wife had just got engaged at the theme park, and it was the first time they had gone together due to it being “expensive from England”.


A man asked if he was in the wrong for making a child cry at Disney World after blocking her view[/caption]

However, the problem occurred when they were watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, which they arrived early for to get the best views.

He explained on Reddit: “We had about 5 minutes to go when a family started shoving through behind us.

“I felt them shove my back and I hobbled over the line so quickly stepped back. They were sort of squished against us and the people behind.

“Just then, I heard a sigh and a mutter of “a*******” coming from behind me. I looked around to check it out.”

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He said the dad told him off and said he should “let the kids enjoy the show” as they “couldn’t see behind all the adults”.

The man said while he would usually let them ahead, he had been waiting two hours, and most of the family were taller than his wife so she wouldn’t be able to see.

He added: “My wife had never been able to do anything like this growing up. It may seem silly but this was massive for her. I wasn’t about to let it get ruined.”

However, when he told the dad no, he said this “enraged him” and kept swearing at him while calling him cruel.

The kid was left crying, despite the man saying he tried to let her through only for the dad to barge through as well, so they were sent back.

He asked if he handled the situation badly, but everyone on Reddit was on his side.

One person said: “It’s always advised to go early to secure a decent viewing location (like you did) so showing up at showtime expecting front row is just insanity.

“That kid was upset because their parent made poor choices and doesn’t know how to plan.”

Another wrote: “Why the father didn’t put the kid on his shoulders? They clearly were entitled people trying to use their kid as an excuse to steal your places.”

A third agreed: “You two didn’t do anything wrong and I hope this incident didn’t spoil your trip.”

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Everyone was on his side, saying it wasn’t his fault the family turned up late[/caption]