Man filmed eating a bizarre snack during a flight – and people can’t believe their eyes
Man filmed eating a bizarre snack during a flight – and people can’t believe their eyes

A MAN was filmed eating a bizarre snack on a flight that has left people both shocked and confused.

Plane meals are known for not being the tastiest and several flight attendants have recommended people bring their own food on board the plane.


The man was seen eating two large cabbages at the same time during his flight[/caption]

However, one passenger was recently filmed tucking into a baffling choice of snack that looked even less enjoyable than what is served up as part of an in-flight meal service.

Much to the dismay of other passengers, the man was seen tucking into two large cabbages, leaving people questioning his motive.

The video was initially shared to Tiktok by user iamshnarbis with the caption: “I’ve never seen this before in my life.”

The footage was picked up by the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which shared it on its Instagram page.

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They confirmed that the vegetables were perfectly fine to be taken on board, saying “regular salad is good to fly” before warning people about bringing other types of plant on board planes.

They said: “We aren’t blowing smoke when we say our rules on traveling with ‘spicy cabbage‘ have not changed.

“While our officers aren’t directly trying to weed out your stash, if they come across it during screening, then they’ll have to refer it to law enforcement.

“We don’t have munch else to say about that.”

People weren’t impressed with the passenger’s meal choice, with some accusing him of seeking attention.

One said: “Do people do these crazy things just to get attention??They must because, I mean come on…”

Another wrote: “gotta chase that internet fame/clout any way possible.”

A third added: “I would get off the plane if I saw this.”

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The man was accused of seeking attention after the video surfaced online[/caption]