Major new update in case of missing mom Debbie Collier after bizarre new details about her odd final text emerge
Major new update in case of missing mom Debbie Collier after bizarre new details about her odd final text emerge

A MISSING mom who was found dead in a ravine was heard screaming the night before she mysteriously disappeared, neighbors have claimed

Debbie Collier’s naked and charred remains were discovered in rural Georgia on September 11 – just a day after she had transferred money and sent a chilling text to her daughter.


Debbie Collier was found dead in rural Georgia[/caption]

Joy Purcell/Now Habersham

Cops discovered Collier’s remains in the woods and said she was grasping a tree with her hand[/caption]

A neighbor told The New York Post that there was a “commotion” the night before Collier, 59, disappeared.

She claimed that she often heard noises coming from her Athens property.

The neighbor also said that there was “loud screaming” and “fighting” at the home.

Collier wired her daughter Amanda Bearden $2,385 via Venmo and said: “They are not going to let me go, love you.”

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Disturbing details about missing mom’s body reveal she was found in odd position


Chilling last message missing mom sent before being found dead in ravine

She also told her that there was a key underneath a flower pot, according to a police report seen by The U.S. Sun.

Collier, who was naked, was found in the woods grasping a small tree with her hand.

Officers said her stomach appeared charred and they discovered the remains of a fire.

Detectives found a red tote bag and partially-burned blue tarp as they combed the scene for clues.

Collier left home in a rented Chrysler Pacifica car, carrying only her driving license and bank card.

Cops used radio technology to track the car and it was found near a highway around 60 miles from her home.

Bearden, who was “hysterical” at the scene, told detectives that her mom didn’t have any mental health issues. She also denied that Collier was suicidal.

Officers in Habersham County have concluded that there’s no evidence Collier was kidnapped.

Bearden was quizzed by cops on her mom’s medical history, adding that she had a “bad back” meaning she couldn’t walk far.

Collier’s husband Steven said he last saw his wife at around 9pm on September 9.

The couple reportedly slept in separate bedrooms as Steven was known for snoring, according to WSB-TV.

And, another neighbor, known as Ricky, told the Post that Collier and Steven were “reclusive”.

He said: “When we would get together out here on the block for a cookout, they never participated.”

Steven told cops that her car was in the driveway as he left for work, according to Now Habersham.

He and Bearden said: “This is unusual for Deborrah to do this. She has not done anything like this before”, PEOPLE revealed.

The pair reported Collier missing around three hours after she had sent the message.

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Collier’s cause of death remains unknown as an autopsy hasn’t been conducted.

Officers are currently treating her death as a homicide.


Collier sent her daughter Amanda Bearden (pictured) money via Venmo[/caption]

Facebook/Debbie Steve Collier

Neighbors described Collier and her husband Steven as ‘reclusive’[/caption]