So far, celebrities at Paris Fashion Week have shown us some of the year’s most daring trends, sporting everything from plunging necklines to metallic catsuits, and Kylie Jenner is no exception. But despite her experimental outfits, which included a Schiaparelli cone-bra gown and underwear worn as pants, the beauty mogul kept her manicure simple, bringing the fan-favorite supermodel nail trend all the way to France. The trend – given its name by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik after doing Margot Robbie’s nails for the Oscars back in 2021 – is easily identifiable by its clean, minimalist look. And because supermodel nails have such understated glamour, they’re versatile enough for day-to-day wear or a full red carpet moment, emitting an energy that feels effortlessly cool.

The supermodel manicure typically consists of a pale-pink or neutral polish, along with pristine nail beds, painstakingly cleaned and trimmed. Some supermodel nails even use a sheer polish in order to let the natural nail shine through, which is really the ultimate goal of the trend. Jenner’s version specifically opted for long, pointed, neutral acrylics, emulating the supermodels of the ’90s along with her breathtaking blue velvet gown. The manicure was the perfect choice to keep the attention on her fashion while still looking sophisticated, and it’s yet another indication that ’90s- and early-2000s-inspired nails are going to be everywhere this fall. Read on to see photos of Jenner’s perfectly polished supermodel nails.