We’re just beginning to enjoy summer. Which admittedly has us longing for knit dresses in every shape, size and shade. But fall will be here before any of us know it. So we were initially hesitant about spending money on anything we’ll have to pack away in a matter of months.

Although we have a strategy. When we started our search for the best knit dresses out there, we made sure to set our sights on the ones with the most staying power. In other words, ones that are super easy to layer. You know, dresses that work worn over a turtleneck or as part of a dress-and-pants combo. (This is a situation where you want to size up.)

Knit dresses come in a couple of forms. You have the sweater-like variety that helps us stay cozy. Then there’s the ribbed design offering a chunkier effect. In both cases, we’re favoring the tank-style silhouette. Whether they feature slim or thick straps. And cut-outs are definitely allowed. They’ll help keep you cool in summer and you can cover those openings in a variety of ways once the weather turns chilly.

Read on to discover the best knit dresses to buy now and keep wearing later.

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