Keeping your energy costs down this holiday season

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – If you’re making your list and checking it twice, finding extra ways to save energy is probably on that list. 22News is working for you with some helpful tips to cut back on your home-energy costs this holiday season.

In the latest indication of how expensive energy is going to be this winter, Eversource is seeking a 42% increase in the cost of electricity for its customers in western Massachusetts.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in supply constraints and global price pressures. And with the holidays here, it’s a concern for some local residents as the weather gets colder and home heating prices go up.

“It costs quite a bit,” said Ed Torres of Springfield. “Last year when we did it without the solars we were paying $300 a month.”

If these latest rate hikes are approved, the average consumer who uses 600 kilowatts of power per month would see their bills go up $39 a month here in western Massachusetts beginning January 1st.

There are some ways to help keep your home bright and your costs down with these increasing prices. As you light up your home this holiday, LED Christmas lights use significantly less electricity than regular ones.

“LED lights are the most energy efficient lights on the market right now,” said Eversource Spokesperson Priscilla Ress. She explained, “They last 10 times longer, they use up to 90 percent less energy, they stay cooler and also reduce the risk of fire.”

You can also put holiday lights on a timer. Energy experts suggest setting the timer to turn lights on when it gets dark and off when you go to bed. Also, aim to keep Christmas lights on for less than six hours a day. Lowering the thermostat when that holiday party starts can also reduce your energy bill. Holiday cooking and having a few extra warm bodies automatically raises the temperature in your home.

Ress advises, “Conserve your energy because you are going to need it down the road.”