Whether she’s proving to be the perfect match for British Vogue, declaring less is sometimes more on Self Service or making a surprise appearance as the face of SKIMS, Kate Moss is always a welcome sight. The fashion industry legend adds another campaign to her remarkable body of work with Aigner’s Fall 2022 ads reuniting with hairstylist Sam McKnight and makeup artist Val Garland (who’ve contributed to some of the supermodel’s most iconic magazine covers) for the occasion. Captured by Liz Collins with styling from Cathy Kasterine, Kate looks cool and casual showcasing the latest handbag creations from the German leather goods brand.

Aigner F/W 2022.23 : Kate Moss by Liz Collins


Most members of our forums expected much more. “How many times have we seen this?” asked Gonzalo.

“I’m not surprised by the result. I mean Kate Moss and her bestie Naomi Campbell have been serving the same thing for the last five years. This is the best we can get from Kate these days,” said THD96.

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“Time to stop using women like Kate and Naomi who really don’t put in any effort anymore. They just show up for a shoot and think that that’s enough,” woemwoem pointed out.

GivenchyHomme feels the same way: “Kate’s so boring at this point. She needs a new haircut or dye job or something.”

But not everyone shared the same opinion. “Who cares? It’s the Kate Moss and she looks fabulous. Always good to see her,” declared aracic.

“Kate Moss will always be a good idea IMO and I’ve been programmed for years to just automatically give a thumbs-up to anything she’s cast in. I’m also partial to studio shoots so I’m a fan of this on ALL accounts,” admitted vogue28.

Aigner F/W 2022.23 : Kate Moss by Liz Collins


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