I’ve been on more than 2,000 flights – and there are two airlines with the best plane food
I’ve been on more than 2,000 flights – and there are two airlines with the best plane food

A MAN who has travelled the world has revealed the airlines with the best food.

James Asquith has been travelling for 15 years, and has racked up millions of miles in the air.


James has been on thousands of flights and said there are two airlines he ranks highly for their food[/caption]


He said Japanese airline ANA has the best meals[/caption]

Having been on 2,000 flights, he often reviews the plane food on each airline.

And two airlines come out on top when it came to their meal service.

He said: “I love airplane food, and by almost living on planes you get used to it.

“I have to say the Japanese meals and wagyu steaks on the Japanese airlines of ANA and Japan Airlines have been the best.”

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This is how to make plane food taste better when flying


Passenger orders vegan meal on flight – but is served ‘saddest plane food ever’

Plane food can often tastes bad on flights, and it isn’t due to the chef.

The air on planes is extremely dry, which can dry out your nasal passages and make your taste buds less perceptive.

On top of that, the low cabin pressure decreases the levels of oxygen in your blood.

That means the part of your nervous system that responds to smells becomes less sensitive, making your sense of smell even worse.

An Oxford professor has revealed that wearing noise-cancelling headphones while eating can actually make your food taste better.

Or one passenger Seema Pankhania took things a step further by bringing a tub of instant noodles with her on her flight.

One food to avoid? The bread rolls, according to experts.

Some people aren’t so lucky when they order a meal on a flight.

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James has flown millions of miles while reviewing plane food[/caption]