I’m incredible at travelling – because I always have these 6 crucial items in my bag and you should too
I’m incredible at travelling – because I always have these 6 crucial items in my bag and you should too

A PREPARED passenger has revealed the emergency items he never leaves behind when getting on a plane.

Most passengers have a number of personal essentials for air travel, including things like flight socks, phone chargers and snacks.

By keeping a phone in a waterproof bag, passengers can reach out for help after landing in water
A watch with a compass built in was the second thing on the list of items

However, Royal Marine and Tiktoker @dutchintheusa took things a little further by showing off the items he insists on packing, in case things take a turn for the worse.

In a video he explained the six emergency products that allow him to feel safer while up in the air, saying: “Here’s a few items you need on you if your plane ever goes down.

The first of which was a phone in a waterproof bag, this would prevent the phone from getting damaged allowing passengers to reach out for help should they survive a crash into water.

Next up on his list was a watch with a compass on it.

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Should your flight have to make an emergency landing, a compass will help passengers navigate and possibly find help sooner.

The third item on his list was a warm jacket, which he urged passengers to keep on them at all times.

This is in case he ends up somewhere cold after an emergency.

Next up was a pair of sturdy shoes, which he urges passengers to wear on the plane and never take off.

He said: “Do not take them off in the plane. You don’t want to be caught surviving without shoes on.”

Item number five was a “good belt” which he said could have multiple uses in an accident such as a tourniquet, or for hanging stuff, should it be needed.

Finally, he insisted on packing a metal water bottle, which he said could not only be used to store water, but also for cooking.

The video has been seen almost half a million times, with viewers impressed with the advice.

One simply wrote: “Bro is ready for everything.”

Another said: “What type of watch is that? I need to buy one.”

However, others were less pleased to see the video, saying it made them feel less safe than before.

One wrote: “Ah exactly what I need to think about when just trying to go to Spain for my holiday.”

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The Royal Marine said he never flew without the six items in case of emergency[/caption]