• The Rael Miracle Patch collection helps fight acne and promote quick healing.
  • The collection includes six different patches for every stage of acne.
  • Our editor put the patches to the test and shares her results.

Growing up, I was one of those lucky people who never had to deal with acne. In fact, by the time I graduated from college, I figured I probably would never have to, save for the rare pimple that popped up every month or so around my period. Boy, was I wrong. When I hit my mid-20s, I started experiencing acne like never before. It got so bad that there were times when I was too insecure to even leave the house because of my skin. I now take an oral medication that helps with keeping my hormonal acne at bay, but I still find myself occasionally getting breakouts.

Recently, I’ve been traveling a bunch, and I’ve noticed that my skin has not been happy about it. Spots have been popping up on my face left and right. I’ve even noticed that acne has popped up on my back, which I’ve never had an issue with before. To try to take control of it, I started using pimple patches, and they’ve been a total lifesaver.

The Rael Ultimate Pimple Patch Kit ($49, originally $61) is a series of pimple patches that help to rapidly reduce acne spots of any shape or size at any stage. The kit includes patches for small and large pimples, ones that haven’t come to the surface yet, body pimples, and even dark spots from past pimples. Essentially, the kit has everything you need to fight practically any kind of acne.

I’ve never been a huge fan of acne patches; I’ve always found them a bit confusing to use. Most brands have one or two different sizes of patches, but they never seemed to have a variety for different kinds of pimples. Not all of my acne are the same – I get blackheads, pimples that are under the skin, whiteheads – you name it, I’ve definitely had it. What interested me most about this kit was the fact that it has so many different patches for so many different kinds of pimples. I’ve been using the patches for the last few months, and while I use and love everything in my kit, there are a couple that I reach for most often.

Whenever I have a whitehead that pops up practically overnight, I reach for the Invisible Spot Cover. These hydrocolloid patches are best for surfaced acne and whiteheads, which I’ve been getting all the time lately. The patches come in two different sizes, and they’re clear and matte, so they truly are invisible on the skin. I’m working from home right now, but even if I have one of these on during a video call, they’re totally undetectable. I’m even fine leaving the house wearing one of them; my boyfriend and friends have absolutely never noticed me wearing one.

If I can catch my acne before it breaks the surface, I immediately try to cover it with the Microcrystal Spot Cover. They’re made with succinic acid and tea-tree extract to fight acne, plus hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. Normally when I have a breakout under the skin, my instinct is to pick and prod at it until it finally comes through. Most of the time, these patches stop that from ever happening. They’re great because they fight acne, but they also protect my skin from me going wild with picking.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that my acne marks take longer and longer to fade. Even once a pimple has been popped or extracted, the dark mark left behind can sometimes last for weeks or even months. Whenever I have a postblemish dark spot, I reach for the Microcrystal Dark Spot Cover. Made with niacinamide (to reduce redness), tranexamic acid (to lighten dark spots), and broccoli extract (to promote even-toned skin), these patches fight dark spots and hyperpigmentation. I wear these for at least six hours a day, and I typically repeat the process for two to three days, which helps improve the appearance of my dark spots from acne.

The Ultimate Pimple Patch Kit is normally $61, which is on the pricey side, but it’s on major sale right now, so I’ll definitely stock up. It’s the only pimple-patch kit I’ve found that has patches for every stage of acne, which makes it practically priceless in my eyes. These have become my go-to product whenever I’m having an acne breakout. And they’ve been actual lifesavers when I’ve had stubborn zits that my normal skin-care routine can’t get rid of. They’re gentle and discreet, and they get the job done quickly without any issues. If you’ve been struggling to find a pimple patch that really works, definitely give these a try.