I am a flight attendant – I will NEVER offer free upgrades to passengers but there is one very big exception
I am a flight attendant – I will NEVER offer free upgrades to passengers but there is one very big exception

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed she almost never offers free upgrades to passengers – but has revealed one very exceptional circumstance in which she will bump you to business class.

Donata Valantinaite, from Lithuania, keeps the world up to date with her airline adventures on her Instagram account @travelblogdona – with more than 9,000 followers already tracking her travels.


Donata Valantinaite keeps her fans up to date with her adventures[/caption]

Sharing snaps of her trips to exotic locations and stunning cities, she also reveals the ins and outs of what it’s like to work as a stewardess on busy passenger planes.

So far she has visited 36 countries as she has tirelessly worked at 35,000ft for the last five years.

And now she’s revealed the secrets of getting upgrades – but it could be bad news for customers.

Donata believes it is “unfair” to paying passengers already enjoying business class to suddenly start offering out upgrades, she told The Daily Star.



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She does like doting customers who give her extra attention – such as showering her with chocolates and gifts.

But don’t expect that is an easy way to the stewardess’s heart to get yourself a bump up to business.

Donata however will give you an upgrade in a very exceptional circumstance.

Simply, you have to work for the airline – and then she won’t mind taking you from coach up to the expensive seats.

“Passengers are paying money for those seats and it would be unfair and not professional to make any exemptions,” she said.

“Of course if it’s our colleagues flying with us, we treat each other as a family and the company treats their employees as well.

“So we are always doing our best if our colleagues are flying with us.

“But if you are a passenger – you should upgrade yourself in check in , if you wish to be upgraded.”

However, just because you won’t get a business upgrade – that doesn’t mean Donata won’t treat customers as if they were in the luxurious first class.

She vows to always give top class service to all of her passengers.

“I love to be able to give my full attention to a person,” Donata said.

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“I like passengers who are polite and smiling, happy people bring joy on the flights.”

She added: “My favourite part of this job is to be able to travel around the world and be paid for it. It’s like a dream.”

She has visited 36 countries thanks to her work on planes