Homeland Scholar Athlete of the Week – Bailee Yarbrough

This school year KFOR is once again recognizing outstanding scholar-athletes.

Tonight we are teaming up with “Homeland” to honor Bailee Yarbrough of Putnam City High School.

Bailee has been on the Varsity Pom Squad for four years and is a Captain this year.

Bailee Yarbrough

Bailee was recently nominated for a Rotary scholarship, and is very active in the community, volunteering at the OU Medical Center and a local food bank.

She’s also President of the Environmental Club, which cleans up a local park.

Congratulations Bailee.

If you’d like to nominate a high school student for Athlete of the Week, go to KFOR-DOT-COM slash athlete.

Scholar Athlete of the Week is sponsored by Homeland.