Ex-Laker Robert Horry Escorted by Police From Youth Basketball Game

Former Laker star, Robert Horry, was escorted out of a youth basketball game Friday night.

Video showed Horry sitting in the bleachers at St. Francis High School, alongside other spectators and shouting at referees.

The game was between Harvard Westlake and St. Francis High School.

The video, shot by fans in the stands, shows Horry’s son, Christian, who plays for Harvard Westlake was whistled for a foul.

Horry seemed to disagree with the call, got up and started yelling at the refs.

He then walks down the bleachers and stands courtside while still aiming words at refs and clapping before he’s escorted out of the gym.

Horry was in no rush to leave as he said some more choice words to the refs.