Ex-Kenya skipper Dennis Oliech says African nation will win World Cup if they stop players from representing European countries

Former Kenya captain Dennis Oliech is confident an African nation will win the FIFA World Cup if they stop their players from playing for European countries.

Morocco made a huge impression at the 2022 global showpiece after becoming the first African team to reach the semi-finals of the competition, however they lost France who were represented by several African players.

According to Oliech, Africa must use resources available to keep their players in bid to win the World Cup.

“Just like our brother Divork Origi plays for Belgium, but comes home to Kisumu and swims in Lake Victoria, speaks sheng, and uses, matatus, these are Africans who are identified in their villages. But in Europe they are working…,” Oliech wrote on his Facebook.

“It shows one thing… Just like in athletics, and basketball, where black players rule… A well-resourced team of blacks is unbeatable.”

“Truth be told, England is also following France in this trend… And sooner than later, one team from Africa will have enough resources to maintain their players and stop them from going to Europe… That team will win the World Cup…”