By Emmanuel Okogba

President of Loveworld Incorporated better known as Christ Embassy, Dr Chris Oyakhilome has stressed the importance of drinking water and using the toilet regularly in order to stay healthy.

He made this recommendation on Saturday, the second day of a two-day church programme tagged Healing Streams Live Healing Services – a global miracle crusade.

Admonishing the expectant crowd, Oyakhilome said adequate intake of water will avert most health challenges experienced today. He said that most hospitals will not reveal this because it will affect the money they make from sales of drugs and other health services.

“Drink water. They won’t drink water. You say ‘I’m not just thirsty’. You don’t think water because you are thirsty, you drink water because you need it.

“Drink water regularly. It will help in your system. A lot of sicknesses that people have, if they would drink water. Listen! They won’t tell you this in the hospital because they need your money. The more you pay for the drugs, the richer they get. Why will they tell you the truth that will make them poor?

“Water is important. If you would drink water, you would hardly be sick. 

He also attributed difficulty in passing out feces to the type of food people eat nowadays

“The kind of food that most of us are getting today are not very healthy. This is the reason most people have difficulty going to the toilet. 

“They find that they eat and for two days, three days they don’t feel like going to the toilet. And when they go nothing comes out. It’s very difficult. 

So they wait a few minutes, if nothing comes out, they leave the toilet and continue. Then it gets worse until it becomes so difficult to stand, sit or lie down. The longer you wait, the harder the feces becomes, and most times this leads to hemorrhoids (piles). 

He further advised to be patient in the toilet until ‘something’ comes out.

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