Dramatic moment robber is beaten senseless by woman he attacked – who turns out to be JU-JITSU expert
Dramatic moment robber is beaten senseless by woman he attacked – who turns out to be JU-JITSU expert

THIS is the dramatic moment a would-be robber was beaten senseless by the woman he tried to steal a laptop and mobile phone from.

Little did the mugger, 24, know that his victims was a female Jiu Jitsu expert when he targeted her at her workplace in Guadalajara, Mexico.


A thief was given the beating of his life in Guadalajara, Mexico[/caption]


He robbed a Jiu Jitsu expert from her phone and laptop as she walked down the road[/caption]

CCTV footage of the incident shows the woman chasing the thief and pulling him down to the ground as he tries to escape.

The footage, shot on September 8 in the capital of the state of Jalisco, then shows the martial arts expert raining down the punched and kicks.

A passerby is seen joining the expert and lending her a hand.

He pins the thief down whilst the woman continues to kick the robber.



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A separate video, shot by a bystander and circulating on social media, shows the man being arrested by police.

It is unclear what happened next

Jiu Jitsu is a 17th century Japanese martial art which means “gentle art”. Experts are able to paralyze opponents’ blow, and subdue them.

This comes less than a month after a have-a-go hero stopped a thief from driving off in his car. 

Brave dad-of-two, Curtis Morris, 26, was on his way to work and had stopped off to get a drink at a store in Bedworth, Warwickshire, when the drama unfolded on August 8.

He left his car door unlocked with his keys in the ignition as he didn’t plan to spend too long in the store.

But it didn’t take long for an opportunistic thief to try and steal his vehicle

CCTV shows the thief attempting to drive off with the car, before Curtis is seen sprinting out of the shop after a customer informed him of what had happened.

Curtis then yanks the car door open with the vehicle still moving and wrestles with the would-be car thief. 

He said the man inside his car claimed he had a knife, but he was determined to stop the attempted theft.

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After a few seconds, Curtis managed to pull the suspect out of the car, who then quickly flees the scene. 

The dad, who escaped unharmed, said his adrenaline had ‘kicked in’ and the whole ordeal was a blur, but he was over the moon that he managed to save his car.