The Packers seemingly did an ayahuasca touchdown celebration in honor of Aaron Rodgers’ psychedelic tea.

Aaron Rodgers drew headlines over the offseason for telling a podcast host that he experienced enlightenment while drinking a psychedelic tea called ayahuasca during a trip to Machu Picchu. The Packers may have done a ayahuasca celebration during their Week 2 game against the Bears.

As the Packers built a big first half lead, Rodgers threw this touchdown to Allen Lazard, who seems to pull out an interesting celebration with the Packers:

Twitter quickly pointed out that this was mocking taking sips of ayahuasca and passing out. What is ayahuasca, you might ask? Well, it’s a psychedelic plant that Rodgers said he began taking in the offseason that he described as, “100 different hands on your body.”

As you can see in the celebration, Lazard is presumably the magic shaman that Rodgers and company took ayahuasca from in the celebration. The group then immediately all fell down, Randall Cobb and Yosh Nijman being the most devoted to the fall. Rodgers kinda just stood there and looked like he caught the Holy Ghost, which could be how taking ayahuasca feels.

Hopefully they didn’t experience all the losing control of their bowels and projectile vomiting that came as the side effects.