Cory Curtis: Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

know what you are saying… OMG thank goodness it is Tuesday!!!

You are correct, Tuesday indeed, and that means another round of NFL Power Rankings.

32. Houston Texans (0-2-1) – They gave up 281 yards rushing to the Bears. I believe Derrick Henry already has these two games circled on his calendar in red ink.

31. New York Jets (1-2) – OK, let’s see what Zach Wilson has got this time around.

30. Washington Commanders (1-2) – Carson Wentz got sacked 9 times by the Eagles. Micah Parsons does not have to circle the calendar. The Commanders are next for Dallas and yeah, I picked up the Cowboys defense for my fantasy team.

29. New England Patriots (1-2) – They were not great before, now without Mac Jones they are extra not great.

28. Las Vegas Raiders (0-3) – Maybe we just need to embrace that Josh McDaniels is a really bad head coach. 5-25 in his last 30 games. It is amazing how good Brady makes people look.

27. Carolina Panthers (1-2) – Are there really 5 teams worse than this one?

26. Seattle Seahawks (1-2) – I actually feel bad for how mean I was to Geno Smith to start this season. I even debated drafting him in daily fantasy this week!!!!

25. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2) – When absolutely everyone is waiting for you to fail it is a tough spot to be in. Mitch Trubisky better win soon.

24. Chicago Bears (2-1) – Listen, they are my team and I am stunned that they are 2-0, but I will not go overboard with the ranking. Fantasy alert, Khalil Herbert is worth a roster spot.

23. Atlanta Falcons (1-2) – Called shot, the birds are beating the Browns this weekend. Once Mariota gets to 2-2 all of the national stories can get started, before he gets hurt again.

22. New York Giants (2-1) – Much like the Chicago Bears I am not overreacting to this record. Daniel Jones is still running for his life.

21. New Orleans Saints (1-2) – There only win was by 1 point against the Falcons. 17 points per game will not get it done, it might be time to warm up the Red Rifle.

20. Detroit Lions (1-2) – Down to the wire with the Eagles and Vikings, Dan Campbell needs a little more caffeine to get this team over the top.

19. Indianapolis Colts (1-1-1) – Matt Ryan has already fumbled 7 times this year. That is a problem.

18. Arizona Cardinals (1-2) – Baby Yoda has made friends with Hollywood Brown who went for 14 for 140 last week, but he misses Deandre Hopkins in a huge way.

17. San Francisco 49ers – They have scored 10 points 2 times in 3 games. That is now a trend and not a good one.

16. Denver Broncos (2-1) – I have watched the Broncos a few times to start the season and it is a far more painful experience than I expected. I mean, C’mon Nathaniel Hackett get it going.

15. Cleveland Browns (2-1) – Is it time to start trusting Amari Cooper as a weekly player? Back to back 100 yard games and another should follow in Atlanta.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1) – OK, the win in LA got my attention. They did not just beat the Chargers, they beat them down and could Urban Meyer look any worse?

13. Tennessee Titans (1-2) – Signs of hope in Nashville. Ryan Tannehill was really good Sunday, so was Derrick Henry and yes, the two things are connected.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (1-2) – I am not giving up on my Super Bowl pick, but I am humiliated over that beatdown from the Duval kittens.

11. Dallas Cowboys (2-1) – Play defense, run the ball and actually catch it once in a while and good things happen. BTW can we call Tony Pollard RB1?

10. Minnesota Vikings (2-1) – They may have won, but they lost a lot of us with that 14 yard performance by Justin Jefferson. What the heck is going on?

9. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2) – Yeah, 1-2 and in the top 10. It is moment of truth time against the Dolphins.

8. Baltimore Ravens (2-1) – Lamar Jackson and company are tough to stop, but they can not stop any body either. Their games are fun! 143 points on the board in the last 2 games!!!

7. Los Angeles Rams (2-1) – Fantasy owners all over are cursing their decision to draft Allen Robinson. Robinson has to be thankful for the existence of Kenny Golladay as the NFL’s worst contract.

6. Tampa Bay Bucs (2-1) – Once they get some bodies back and get the offense rolling this team will be just fine.

5. Green Bay Packers (2-1) – Forgive me while I pinch my nose and type this.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (2-1) – Turnovers and missed kicks get the Chiefs beat too.

3. Buffalo Bills (2-1) – Let me try to wrap my head around this. 515 yards of offense, 0 interceptions, just 1 lost fumble and somehow they only put 19 points on the board? They were even 2 for 3 on 4th down. C’mon man

2. Miami Dolphins (3-0) – Wins over the Patriots, Ravens and Bills. That’s what you call putting skins on the wall to start the season.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (3-0) – They have been really impressive led by Jalen Hurts who is proving he can be a difference maker at quarterback.