Cory Curtis: Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Your Week 11 NFL Power Rankings…

32. Houston Texans (1-7-1) – The only question is can they hold off the Raiders for the first pick.

31. Las Vegas Raiders (2-7) – Christmas came early in the AFC West with Marc Davis telling everyone Josh McDaniels is doing a great job! That’s what those tears were really about from Derek Carr.

30. Carolina Panthers (3-7) – You know a team is bad when it is so utterly shocking that they won a game.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7) – The fact that people remain optimistic about this squad from DUVAL! tells you how low the bar was set by Urban Meyer. Those were fun days.

28. New Orleans Saints (3-7) – They just keep letting Andy Dalton play. Welp.

27. Denver Broncos (3-6) – The Broncos got married and realized their spouse is not who they thought they were. They wake up every morning looking at Russell Wilson saying “who are you?”

26. Los Angeles (3-6) – Cooper Kupp is headed for ankle surgery and I’m not going to lie, I seriously considered ranking the Super Bowl champs 30th.

25. Cleveland Browns (3-6) – Deshaun Watson returns soon. What could possibly go wrong?

24. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-6) – Why do I have them ranked this high? It just feels wrong. TJ Watt is back, so there’s that.

23. Chicago Bears (3-7) – Yeah, they lost, but have you watched Justin Fields in the last month? The Bears have to be stoked for 2023 to get here.

22. Detroit Lions (3-6) – Two wins in a row!!! The Lions are on fire possibly making watching them tolerable on Thanksgiving.

21. Indianapolis Colts (4-5-1) – Jim Irsay is crazy like a fox! He is in a can’t lose situation. If they lose he moves up in the draft, if they win he gets to tell everyone “I told you so!”

20. Arizona Cardinals (4-6) – They have 4 wins over 4 teams having awful years.

19. Green Bay Packers (4-6) – I am not convinced at all that this team is “fixed”. They can really run and that will be put to the test against the Titans Thursday night.

18. Atlanta Falcons (4-6) – I deemed them NFC South champions and they turned in an absolute dud at Carolina. While everyone points at Marcus Mariota I point at a run defense that got gashed by a bad team for 232 yards.

17. Los Angeles Chargers (5-4) – I have lost all faith in the team I picked to go to the Super Bowl. I feel so ashamed.

16. New England Patriots (5-4) – Your weekly reminder that Mac Jones was ranked in the NFL’s Top 100 this summer. That list needs to be abolished.

15. Tampa Bay Bucs (5-5) – That is two wins in a row and it looks like the defense has its feet back underneath it. Vita Vea is just a nightmare for any offensive lineman.

14. Washington Commanders (5-5) – They have won 4 of 5 with their only loss to the 8-1 Vikings. That defensive line gave the Eagles fits and Taylor Heinicke gives them some juice.

13. Seattle Seahawks (6-4) – They just stink against the NFC South. They have lost to Atlanta, Tampa and New Orleans. Carolina has to be licking its chops!

12. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4) – With Jamar Chase they can beat anyone. Without Chase they have a really good quarterback who can make plays but often is running for his life.

11. New York Jets (6-3) – There are two teams that everyone loves but ultimately their quarterback will hold them back. The Jets are one of them.

10. San Francisco 49ers (5-4) – And the 49ers are the other.

9. New York Giants (7-2) – A perfect example of a team not overloaded with talent that wins games by not beating itself. Daniel Jones only has 2 interceptions and they have only lost 2 fumbles.

8. Dallas Cowboys (6-3) – Just a terrible loss of Mike McCarthy and company in Green Bay. Dak threw a pick in the end zone. They got beat deep 3 times by the same guy! Blah!

7. Tennessee Titans (6-3) – That defense can beat absolutely anyone. The passing game showed signs of life with 255 yards against the Broncos who were #1 in the league against the pass. They have 8 more weeks to to grow enough to be dangerous in the post season.

6. Baltimore Ravens (7-3) – Check out the schedule. Do not be surprised if the Ravens run the table and finish 14-3.

5. Miami Dolpins (7-3) – The fighting fish are rolling with Tua back at QB. 105 points in the last 3 games and Tua entering the MVP conversation.

4. Buffalo Bills (6-3) – They have the best roster, they have a great quarterback, but if Josh Allen does not take care of the ball they will continue to lose games they should not. He has 10 INT’s and 5 fumbles and that is just way too many.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (7-2) – Travis Kelce having another monster year. On pace for 119 receptions, 1400 yards and 16 TD’s.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1) – Yes, everyone in the NFL is beatable when they do not take care of the football. 3 lost fumbles and an interception against Washington.

1. Minnesota Vikings (8-1) – I can not justify not having them first. Justin Jefferson is amazing. They have won 7 in a row with 3 of the last four being on the road.