Community gathers to pray for Sgt. Nelson’s family, recovery for Sgt. Wells and the Edmond Police Department

EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Sunday afternoon the Edmond Police Department was surrounded with supporters across the community after the department dealt with two recent crashes involving motorcycle officers.  

The community came together outside the station to pray for healing and recovery for Sergeant Joseph Wells and the family morning the loss of Sergeant C.J. Nelson. 

They also prayed for the spiritual, physical and mental health of the entire police department and other departments across the nation. 

“We give you thanks for them, for their willingness to put their lives on the line to protect others,” said John Wohlgemuth, Henderson Hills pastor. 

Many circled together in prayer for the two families affected.   

“Thank you for their faith in you, their service to our community on virtue of their spouse. But may you comfort them as these moments create more fear,” said Wohlgemuth. 

Several people who have no connection to either family were there to support.  

“The times that we are living in right now and the what the police are being subjected to around our country, that makes it so important for us to come together and show our police officers that we support them. We are here for them and their families,” Connie Thayer, there to support and pray. 

“These police officers stand on the front line every day, 24/7. And for us old guys, the old veterans we stand with them,” said Leonard Scott, there to support and pray.  

“Unfortunately, nationwide, the police have been under attack all these years nationwide and it’s uncalled for. So, we want to let them know that, yes, the people here are behind you, the families,” said Richard Morales, there to support and pray. 

“I support all law enforcement throughout the country, and I feel for the families. And I’m out of New York and there’s a lot of problems in New York and throughout this whole country. We need to unite. We need to stand up,” Richard Morales, there to support and pray,” said Rocky Granata, there to support and pray. 

Emily Morefield also doesn’t know either family, but is an Edmond police spouse and decided to host the vigil Sunday.  

“I just felt like the Lord was telling me, you need to get everyone together as a community, as police spouses, as just the city of Edmond,” said Emily Morefield, hosted the prayer vigil.  

Lieutenant Mark Oak with the Edmond Police Department had a relationship with Sergeant C.J. Nelson and is confident his friend Sergeant Joseph Wells is going to fight through his recovery.  

“I went to the first scene, and I also responded to the second scene, and it’s tough. Here in Edmond, we have a pretty good community. We don’t experience a lot of horrible stuff. And those were two horrible things that happened within a span of a few weeks. Everybody approaches it differently. We have great support through our department,” said Lieutenant Mark Oak with the Edmond Police Department.  
If you missed out Sunday, the Edmond Police Department is hosting a Memorial Softball Tournament next Sunday and all money raised will go directly to the family of C.J. Nelson. You can see more information about that event here.